• Vegan Professional Salon Colour

    We know that finding great vegan hair products can be challenging, especially when it comes to hair colours. That's why we've made it easier for you and your colourist to choose from a wide selection of vegan products. Whether it be permanent colour products like The Color XG or our demi-permanen... View Post
  • Meet the Miracle Hair Ingredient Grown on a Solar Farm in Hawai'i

    Have you ever wondered what is in the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi products that makes your hair look and feel so good? It's awapuhi! But what is awapuhi exactly and why do we love it so much? How it Started Paul Mitchell had a great love of Hawaiian Islands. During his time spent on these islands he wi... View Post
  • The Detangler® - Say Goodbye to Painful Tangles

    Detangling your client's hair can be a painful experience! Most detangling conditioners tend to come on a little too strong, leaving hair oily and flat. On the flip side, they can be too gentle and result in your hair brush working over time, which can leave you with more split ends than you barg... View Post
  • 6 Ways Paul Mitchell Makes a Difference to our World!

    The Paul Mitchell brand has been and always will be committed to sustainability. Not only are Paul Mitchell making products that are good for you, they're also making products that are good for the planet. By becoming a Paul Mitchell salon, not only are you giving your customers some of the best ... View Post
  • What's a Paul Mitchell Brand Ambassador?

    Here at the 365 Salon Group we are continually trying to find ways to best support you, our loyal customers. After the year that was 2020 we now, more than ever, feel more aligned with our customers and the care they provide our greater community. We recognised the opportunity to enhance our leve... View Post
  • Fromm Pro: Behind the Brand

    We're sure you’ve all seen us teasing a new brand launch on our socials, the latest new and exciting brand to join our catalogue is Fromm. Fromm is a leading brand when it comes to luxury tools and accessories in the professional hair industry. Fromm's Color Studio professional range is a luxury... View Post