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Vegan*, Human Grade Ingredients, Cruelty Free. Tested on Humans First

*Excl. Body & Paw Wipes 

Look after your pets' health & well-being

Understanding that many ancient healing practices are based on the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits of botanicals, as well as the discovery that oil odours can positively affect memory and mental state,
John Paul Pet products all contain plant oils and extracts that contain soothing and healing properties.

Nothing but the best

All John Paul Pet products are made from human grade ingredients in the same facilities that manufacture Paul Mitchell professional haircare.

Cruelty free, all John Paul Pet products are tested on humans first, but PH balanced for pets.

Beneficial Botanicals

John Paul Pet products work in two ways: through direct application to the skin and coat, and through natural inhalation.

Botanicals are plant oils and extracts that contain soothing and healing qualities. Plants release compounds that are easily absorbed by inhalation, ingestion or direct contact with the skin. Using these botanicals is a perfect way to help our pets with anxiety and stress, as well as provide natural protection from environmental factors.

Designed for pets

Products made for humans can severely irritate your pet's skin, as their skin has a different pH level and thickness compared to ours.

When incorrect pH products are used on a dog, it disrupts their skin's pH levels making it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria resulting in skin infections & inflammation. 

Please use pet appropriate, quality products that will help keep your furry friend healthy!