Meet the Miracle Hair Ingredient Grown on a Solar Farm in Hawai'i

Have you ever wondered what is in the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi products that makes your hair look and feel so good? It's awapuhi! But what is awapuhi exactly and why do we love it so much?

How it Started

Paul Mitchell had a great love of Hawaiian Islands. During his time spent on these islands he witnessed a local woman washing her hair with flower bulbs and juice squeezed directly from awapuhi plants. Later, he discovered that native Hawaiians had used the fragrant juice of the awapuhi plant, also known as "shampoo ginger", to soften and condition their skin and hair for centuries. 

Black and white image of Paul Mitchell squeezing awapuhi plant juice into his mouth in Hawaii

After being captivated by the healing powers which awapuhi holds, he and co-founder John Paul Dejoria established their own self-sustaining, solar powered awapuhi farm in Hawaii in 1982. The aim was to produce the plant for use in their line of hair care products. To ensure that the farm was doing as little damage to the environment as possible, the facility is completely off the grid, powered by solar energy and uses collected rain water as its only water source. This ensures that the farm is completely self sustaining and minimises the carbon footprint.  

How it's Going

All of the awapuhi used in the Paul Mitchell products are still organically grown on this farm today. It is harvested and placed in a passive-solar dehydration shed where heat from the sun slowly dries the roots. Once dry, the roots are ground into a fine powder and sent to the state-of-the-art Product Innovation Centre in California for production. 


With proven hair care systems that use innovative blends featuring Hawaiian awapuhi extract, it transforms hair at the deepest levels in the luxurious Awapuhi Wild Ginger Collections.

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