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The Detangler® - Say Goodbye to Painful Tangles
Product Knowledge

The Detangler® - Say Goodbye to Painful Tangles

Have you ever found yourself wincing through detangling sessions after a shower? We've all been there—conditioners either leave our hair too greasy and limp or so untamed that brushing feels like a workout, ending in unwanted split ends. Well, say hello to a game-changer: Paul Mitchell's The Detangler®. This gem has been a fan favorite for years, known for its gentle yet effective approach to conquering knots, reducing static, and reviving your locks to leave them feeling fresh and voluminous.

Paul Mitchell The Detangler Original Collection

Perfect for those with coarse or color-treated hair, The Detangler® tackles tangles with ease and nourishes parched strands. Its rich formula boasts grapeseed oil and carrot extract, providing instant conditioning, detangling, and a boost of shine. So, it's time to bid farewell to those tear-inducing brushing sessions post-shower!

Why The Detangler® Is a Must-Have for Your Hair If you've got thick, unruly, or damaged hair, you know the struggle of trying to rinse out color treatments gently. The Detangler® is here to make your life easier. It's color-safe and packed with the goodness of carrot extract and grapeseed oil, transforming dry hair into silky smooth tresses. Plus, its delightful blend of jasmine, rose, violet, sandalwood, and fir needle aromas will leave your hair smelling as gorgeous as it looks.

With its vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free formula, The Detangler® appeals to anyone looking for clean beauty options.

Tips for Effortless Detangling

  1. Start at the Ends: Always begin detangling by combing through the ends. Avoid starting at the roots to prevent pulling and damage. Work in small sections, gently easing out the knots as you move upward.

  2. Use Your Fingers: Sometimes, a comb just won't cut it, especially if it's causing pain. In such cases, your fingers can be the best tool for detangling. Feeling your way through the tangles can significantly reduce breakage and safeguard your hair's health.

The Detangler® from Paul Mitchell is not just a conditioner; it's your partner in crime for maintaining beautiful, healthy hair without the hassle. Give your locks the love they deserve and enjoy the transformation.

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