Product Knowledge

  • 10 Products Your Clients Will Thank You For!

    Although it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to recommending continued haircare to clients, Paul Mitchell has an incredible range of products suitable for every hair type and styling need. The following list includes some of our best sellers, from shampoos and conditioners, t... View Post
  • Pre-toning: Everything You Need to Know

    Pre-toning is one of the latest trends that hairdressers in the know are using in their salons every day to achieve superior colour results for their guests. But what actually is pre-toning and how do you know when to use this technique?  View Post

    Meet the newest member of the XG family! Paul Mitchell Crema XG is a rich demi-permanent cream colour with 40+ shades that are perfectly shade matched to Paul Mitchell Color XG for a complete service solution.   Watch below to see how to use these beautiful colours on your own salon guests. How T... View Post
  • Introducing SynchroLift+

    Go Beyond Blonde and Achieve up to 9 Levels of Lift LIFT. Introducing SynchroLift+ The New SynchroLift+ formula is packed with power to achieve up to 9 levels of lift! This exclusive balanced powder lightener technology provides incredible lift while leaving the hair in outstanding condition. Syn... View Post
  • Now Trending in Scalp Care

    A healthy scalp is always in style. But the latest haircare trends are always changing. We have rounded up some of the most popular current trends in scalp care. Whether you’re looking to prevent thinning, combat dandruff, curb hair loss or maintain all-around scalp health, there’s a growing tre... View Post
  • Take Care of Your Colour Treated Hair

    You’ve spent money and time visiting a salon for a gorgeous hue. To help protect your investment, the hair colour experts at Three Six Five Salon Group offer these tips to help you fight the fade and keep your hair colour true.   Wait 48 hours before shampooing After colouring your hair, wait at... View Post