Product Knowledge

  • Vegan Professional Salon Colour

    We know that finding great vegan hair products can be challenging, especially when it comes to hair colours. That's why we've made it easier for you and your colourist to choose from a wide selection of vegan products. Whether it be permanent colour products like The Color XG or our demi-permanen... View Post
  • Meet the Miracle Hair Ingredient Grown on a Solar Farm in Hawai'i

    Have you ever wondered what is in the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi products that makes your hair look and feel so good? It's awapuhi! But what is awapuhi exactly and why do we love it so much? How it Started Paul Mitchell had a great love of Hawaiian Islands. During his time spent on these islands he wi... View Post
  • The Detangler® - Say Goodbye to Painful Tangles

    Detangling your client's hair can be a painful experience! Most detangling conditioners tend to come on a little too strong, leaving hair oily and flat. On the flip side, they can be too gentle and result in your hair brush working over time, which can leave you with more split ends than you barg... View Post
  • 10 Products Your Clients Will Thank You For!

    Although it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to recommending continued haircare to clients, Paul Mitchell has an incredible range of products suitable for every hair type and styling need. The following list includes some of our best sellers, from shampoos and conditioners, t... View Post
  • Pre-toning: Everything You Need to Know

    Pre-toning is one of the latest trends that hairdressers in the know are using in their salons every day to achieve superior colour results for their guests. But what actually is pre-toning and how do you know when to use this technique?  View Post

    Meet the newest member of the XG family! Paul Mitchell Crema XG is a rich demi-permanent cream colour with 40+ shades that are perfectly shade matched to Paul Mitchell Color XG for a complete service solution.   Watch below to see how to use these beautiful colours on your own salon guests. How T... View Post