365 Salon Group couldn’t be more excited to team up with the guru of Social Media, Nicole Healy (aka Melbourne Hair Blogger).

Let’s face it, the last few weeks have been a tumultuous time in the world and for hairdressers around the nation. We recently learned the privilege of representing an industry that relies on human touch and face to face communication with our customers. Events over the past weeks have taught us that hairdressing is an ‘essential service’ and reminded us to put our health & safety before anything else. These lessons we will all continue to carry throughout our day to day movements in life and will change certain elements of how we manage and communicate in business.

There has never been a more important time to spend time on communication with your team and salon guests. If social media hasn’t already become your business’s best friend and support tool, now is the time to learn how to effectively share with your community the quality and cleanliness of your salon and the beautiful art you create on your salon guest’s hair.

Time spent pampering your salon guests on the floor has never had such high value. At this event Nicole will focus on managing your Instagram account so that it complements and doesn’t take away from doing what you love the most…hair! The outcome of your time investment on Instagram will help you turn people from followers into new clients.

Want to know how to create stunning images and videos that stop people in their tracks when scrolling through their feed…Nicole will work side by side with you to capture the perfect photo/video. Learn ways to use your iPhone to create images that look like they have been taken by seasoned professional photographers.

We understand the last few weeks have been relentless, exhausting and rapidly changing. It’s time to plan towards the future and think differently in how we approach the salon business and how to effectively communicate with your salon community. The tips and tricks taught in Get Social will give you the confidence in using social media as an asset to your business communication strategy, which will be crucial in the weeks and months ahead.

We hope to see you there!

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Date: Monday 10th August 2020

Time: 11am – 2pm

Location: Port Melbourne

Tickets only $75 inc GST

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