Join us online for our Colour Correct in-person workshop to master how to fix a range of coloured hair, with one of our highly skilled Paul Mitchell Educators. 

Within the Colour Correct series of webinars, you will get access to 4 individual webinars with the titles:

Episode 1 - Colour Correct Chemistry

Episode 2 - Planning the colour correct journey

Episode 3 - Artificial colour removal

Episode 4 - How to successfully change colour from light to dark

During the engaging class you will learn the theory behind, plus see a hands on practical around:

  • Understand the different types of hair colour and when to choose between them.
  • Removing artificial hair colour safely and successfully.
  • Learn how to combat grey hair for each individual’s needs – be it a salon guest becoming grey or a grey hair guest that has coloured their hair for years and now wants to embrace their grey.
  • The art of colour and placement – how to allow colour placement to show off what you and your salon guest want to see the most.