The Color XG

Developed in Italy by Europe’s top color experts, this easy-to-use permanent cream hair color offers the perfect fusion of coverage, reliability and healthy-looking shine. With vibrant reds, up to 100% gray coverage, high-performing naturals and cool tones, and a specially curated collection of beautiful intermixable shades, Color XG® creates the results you want every time. Always predictable, always beautiful.

Product Knowledge

Color XG®

In this module, you will learn about Color XG®, a rich, permanent cream hair color with performance you can trust and the reliability you crave.


Dimensional Brown

The New Naturals: How to Easily Create Dimensional Brown Hair with Color XG®

Warm Golden Blonde

The New Naturals: How to Create Gorgeous Warm Golden Blonde Hair with Color XG®

Cool Icy Blonde

Essential Cools: How To Create Cool, Icy Blonde Hair Color Using Color XG®

Cool Violet-Tinted

Essential Cools: How to Create Cool Violet-Tinted Hair Color Using Color XG®

Rich, Ash-Brown

Essential Cools: How to Create Rich, Ash-Brown Color with Color XG®


Essential Cools: How to Create Mauve-Brown Color with Color XG®

Dark Mushroom Blonde

How to create a neutral color with subtle shades of brown & gray using Color XG®

Prosecco Blonde

How To create Prosecco Blonde with Color XG®

Warm Honey Brunette

How To: Warm Honey Brunette with Color XG®