Product Knowledge


In this module, you will learn about how creating beautiful blondes can be a breeze with a variety of lightening options from Paul Mitchell®. Our products help achieve brilliant, head-turning results every time.


Golden Girl

How To: Golden Girl Hair Color Technique featuring Paul Mitchell® Blonde

A Kiss Of Blonde

How To: A Kiss of Blonde with Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color

Platinum Perfection

How To: Achieve Platinum Perfection with Paul Mitchell® Blonde

Buttercream Blonde

How to Banish Brassiness and Get Buttercream Blonde Hair with The Demi 10 Series

Smouldering Silver

How to Get Smoldering Silver Hair with Dimension Using The Demi 10 Series

Colin Caruso's Best Hair Toning Tips

The Demi - Paul Mitchell Artistic Director Colin Caruso's Best Hair Toning Tips