Awapuhi Wild Ginger®

Product Knowledge


This module introduces Awapuhi Wild Ginger®, a collection of performance-driven products featuring awapuhi extract and our proprietary KeraTriplex® protein blend, moisturizing HydraTriplex™ and shine inducing KeraReflect®. You will learn about the history of this unique ingredient, what makes it so special to the company, and its technologies that deliver outstanding results.


How to Create Glossy and Glamorous Volume

Lush Waves

How to Create a Chic, Elevated Ponytail

The Show Stopper

How to Renew Strands and Create Cascading Waves

The Revitalizer

How to Create a Chic, Undone Chignon

The Main Event

How to Refresh Hair for a Volumionous Blowout

Luxurious Volume

From Farm to Bottle: The History of the John Paul Mitchell Systems® Awapuhi Farm