How To - Straight Hair

  • How To: Beach Waves for Straight Hair

        START Apply restyling spray lightly on underside of hair. Brush and use a dryer to distribute evenly through hair. STYLE Apply thermal protectant then curl with a 1" curling iron. Take 1-inch sections and wrap around barrel then close the clamp. Leave ends out. Continue, wrapp... View Post
  • How To: Hollywood Waves for Straight Hair

    START Apply an egg-sized amount of a body-building foam and glide through hair. Brush to ensure distribution. STYLE Section hair; clip away top part. Use a round brush and lift hair up for volume, focus drying roots first. Once section is dry, roll hair around fingers to create a cur... View Post
  • How To: Braided Style for Straight Hair

        START  Apply ½ pump of anti-frizz polish to blow-dried hair. STYLE Create a zigzag at your part, and pull some strands out around your hairline. Add a pigtail around top of ear. Add two pumps of texturizing powder, then create a 3-strand braid. Gently tug on strands for more texture.... View Post
  • How To: Sleek Style for Straight Hair

      START 1. Apply two pumps of nourishing spray to damp hair. Then add a styling cream. Brush to distribute product through hair. STYLE 1. Focus on drying roots first with blow-dryer then move to ends.2. Apply thermal protectant to diagonal sections then glide straightening iron thro... View Post
  • How To: Top Knot Style for Straight Hair

      START1. Begin with hair that's been diffused with added texture.2. Prep hair with a tinted dry shampoo, spraying at scalp from top to bottom and working back. STYLE1. Gather hair into a high ponytail and pull some face-framing tendrils around hairline. Add volume at top of hair by gently pulli... View Post