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trico.lab Good Hair Supplements - 56 capsules

Sale price$39.95

If you want good hair and don’t want to eat 16 eggs, 1.2kg of bananas, a cup of broccoli and 14 cups of milk a day, simply take one trico.lab Good Hair Supplements daily instead.

Get the recommended daily intake of seven essential nutrients that healthy, shiny, strong hair needs. 
For improved hair and scalp health and to address dry skin and dandruff, hair breakage and thinning.

Each one-a-day capsule provides

  • Vitamin C which supports additional collagen formation
  • Biotin, Silicon and Zinc which support follicular health (as well as skin & nails)
  • Selenium which helps protect cells from free radical damage
  • Hydrolysed collagen
  • Anti-oxidants

Boosts collagen, elastin and keratin production. Protects cells and tissue from free radical damage. Also supports skin and nail health. May support energy production when used in conjunction with a program of reduced dietary intake and physical activity.

Can be taken in conjunction with trico.lab  organic detox tea or trico.lab organic regenerate tea to supercharge your hair health

Each jar contains 56 capsules | 8 weeks | 2 months supply

Contains selenium, please refer to labels for instructions and warnings

trico.lab Good Hair Supplements - 56 capsules
trico.lab Good Hair Supplements - 56 capsules Sale price$39.95