On March 18th Paul Mitchell Professional Haircare launched an exciting new Australian collaboration with four of our countries most influential and up-and-coming digital hair influencers, WE HOLD THE POWER.

The WE HOLD THE POWER collaboration was born from Paul Mitchell’s desire to bring the consumer back to the professional stylist for hair inspiration and education. Explains John Pizzey, Managing Director of the Three Six Five Salon Group Australia - distributors of Paul Mitchell, “At the core of the Paul Mitchell brand is a commitment to supporting the professional hairdresser and a dedication to providing the most up-to-date education and support to sustain and encourage the growth of our industry.


Ashlea Penfold's box @ashleapenfold


As the landscape for how consumers access hairdressing trends and education rapidly changes, we have a responsibility to evolve and adapt our business practices and approach to aid in bringing the consumer back to the professional hairdresser as their hair expert. In today’s digital age almost anyone with a phone and Instagram account can moonlight as a beauty influencer, without possessing any technical or professional training. We believe that the qualified stylist is the real hair influencer; with the power to educate, inspire, lead and create hair trends on a national and global scale.


Tanielle Davie's box @taniellejaimua


Through the Paul Mitchell WE HOLD THE POWER collaboration we hope to effectively leverage social media to do just that, bring attention and recognition back to the professional hairdresser.” Paul Mitchell hand-selected four commercial hairstylists to collaborate with, all with who they have enjoyed a long working relationship and whose work they greatly admire; Ashlea Penfold, Tanielle Davies, Leah Baines and Luciana Rose.


   Luciana Rose's Box @lucianarose


Designing custom artistic renders in each stylists likeness, Paul Mitchell has created four unique box-sets profiling a range of each stylist's favourite products. Using social media as the vehicle to promote the collaboration, the brand aims to generate nationwide exposure for the professional stylist as the “real hair influencer” and start a conversation that will filter back to salons around the country. The Paul Mitchell WE HOLD THE POWER box-sets will be available nationwide through Paul Mitchell salons. 


 Leah Baine's Box @leahbaines_mua 


Available now through Authorised Paul Mitchell Stockists