PEACE, LOVE & CRUELTY-FREE Campaign Starring Winnie Harlow

Paul Mitchell has today launched their new PEACE, LOVE and CRUELTY-FREE campaign, which will feature globally across media platforms, starring Brand Ambassador Winnie Harlow and CEO and Co-Chairperson of John Paul Mitchell System (JPMS), Michaeline Dejoria.

Reaffirming their efforts to create passion for hair and compassion for animals, this year JPMS is celebrating their commitment to the cruelty-free movement. Welcoming the ever so charming animal rights advocate, Winnie Harlow as the face of their latest campaign. Paul Mitchell continues to influence as they maintain their core values of being the first cruelty-free, sustainable, and professional-only company in the beauty industry. A truly impressive feat. 

Michaeline DeJoria, CEO of JPMS, says “At Paul Mitchell, we’re committed to making our community feel their best, starting in the salon chair. To best achieve this mission, it’s crucial that our professional-quality solutions are formulated with the utmost wellbeing of our community and planet in mind. This extends to all animals. We were the first professional hair care company to take a stand against animal testing. As a celebration of our heritage and our pledge to remain cruelty-free, we’re excited to unveil this campaign and raise awareness for this important cause.”

The stunning new imagery featuring Winnie Harlow, the brand’s first global ambassador, beautifully instils both her values and the company’s. “As an animal lover, I believe beauty should never come at the expense of animals,” says Winnie Harlow. “I’m proud to be the face of Paul Mitchell and remind others to spread kindness to animals, starting with beauty products that keep their best interest at heart.” 

As the brand launches this exciting new campaign, we are not only reminded of their pioneering in the cruelty-free beauty community but their ongoing work to preserve and further these promises. Well done Paul Mitchell!

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