Introducing SynchroLift+

Go Beyond Blonde and Achieve up to 9 Levels of Lift LIFT. Introducing SynchroLift+

The New SynchroLift+ formula is packed with power to achieve up to 9 levels of lift!

This exclusive balanced powder lightener technology provides incredible lift while leaving the hair in outstanding condition. SynchroLift+ has been infused with shea, to naturally soften and condition hair throughout the lifting process. This ultra-quick blue powder, dust-free formula also has zero fragrance, a key stand out from many other powder lighteners. The special formulation enables multi-functional uses for any lightening technique, both on and off the scalp.


SynchroLift+ achieves superior lift and leaves the hair in sensational condition, an excellent addition for hairdressing salons specialising in blonding.



  • Up to 9 levels of lift
  • Infused with Shea, this gentle, enhanced formula helps to soften & condition
  • Ideal for on-scalp double process blonding, off-scalp foil highlighting, hand-painting and creative technique or colour correction
  • Process up to 50 minutes without heat
  • Dust Free Formula
  • Ultra quick Blue Powder lightener


SynchroLift + is available to hairdressers NOW.