Kelly Elle Salon


Why did you choose Hairdressing as your career?

It's something I wanted to do every day since I was at school. I’m a creative person and love working with people.


What aspect of Hairdressing is your ‘area of expertise’ and what do you enjoy most about it?

I love colouring, in specific blondes, balayage and colour corrections. I love a challenge and being able to transform the way a person looks and feels is a privilege. I get excited by the science behind hair colour as well as the creative side. Balayage is something I’ve become somewhat of an expert on as I love the art of blending and hand painting the hair. It gives you a chance to have some fun and seeing that seamless blend is amazing!


What do you love about Hairdressing and what frustrates you the most?

I love doing big colour transformations on my guests. That moment at the end of the service when you blow-dry your guest’s hair and you can see how happy they are. Hairdressing can be a mentally draining job when dealing with people, but for me that’s not a big deal, it's part of the job. 


Who are your industry icons and why?

Natalie Anne (international hair influencer) her style is very similar to what I do and I love that she is a young woman that is successful and passionate about hairdressing.  I admire Tabatha Coffey’s direct approach. Sharan Blain is such a creative woman that has clearly been so passionate about her career for all these years. Robert Cromeans- His way with people is amazing! He teaches that it’s not just about being a technically good hairdresser but it’s about the whole experience for your guests. This is something I teach my staff.


What product can’t you live without and why?

For me personally its Super Skinny Serum, as it is lightweight but keeps my hair super smooth. For my guests its Undone Texture Spray. Is so versatile in long or short styles.


How do you challenge yourself?

By attending education and in business always setting myself new goals to achieve for the year.


Why did you take the steps to become an Educator for 365 Salon Group?

I like the company and its culture. I want to be able to teach others what I know and hopefully help create some fantastic stylists and colourists for our industry.


What are the most important things to your salon and the Hairdressing industry?

Education, Customer Service and creating an amazing experience for them every time. Keeping my staff happy and motivated 😊


Tell us about your salon.

Kelly Elle Salon has been open for 6 years now. We are located in Stones Corner Brisbane. We are a sustainable salon and only use Paul Mitchell Products as they are also cruelty free. As a business I try to give back as much as possible to charities as well as my staff. As a salon experience, we pride ourselves in our colour work and being able to listen to our guests and deliver realistic results to them. We always consult with our guests first to make sure they understand the process and what is achievable for them. We also discuss a "haircare Plan" to ensure product sales and rebooking, but most importantly so our guests get great results for their hair at home. We are a boutique salon with a small team of 4 but we are like a family, have great banter between us and our guests and all love coming to work. Our guests always say how much they love coming in and that they always feel relaxed and welcome.

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